Lobster Alive

Lobster Alive

When you go is as important as how you go and we think the best way to do it is a Sunday lunch on the sand while the jazz band plays. Lobster Alive started out as a Lobster wholesale market and it was only in 1993 that it became the restaurant we know today. At night it’s a quaint corner that could be any romantic restaurant on the sand (with a massive emphasis on Lobster) but you can’t get a better formula than those long tables of friends and family where the drinks just flow and the food keeps coming until, before you know it, it’s sun-down. The Thermidor is immensely cheesy and they’ve made it work a treat. Outstanding dish. There isn’t much conversation as to the freshness because it’s unbeatable which leaves average starters but excellent catch of the day.

You will always have the opportunity to cool off regularly because the restaurant really is on the sand and there is nothing wrong with coming back to the plastic chairs feeling a million dollars. It’s the best of all worlds. If you can get up and walk over to the lobster tank, it’s ridiculous. So. Many. Lobsters. Take your kids there and scare the life out of them. We really think that if they had the time to do up the rest of the restaurant you could easily be in St Tropez and who doesn’t like St Tropez?!

Jazz Nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Sunday Lunch Live Jazz


Bay Street, Bridgetown
Reservations: +1(246)435-0305
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