Fish Pot

Fish Pot Barbados

Posted a little further up the coast than most venture is this little treasure. Belonging to Little Good Port hotel, Fishpot is a restaurant that seems to have declared its independence and woo’d in its own crowd not just by fish, but by service and view too. Fish Pot is sat overlooking some stunning beach views and overnight the pier gives you something to look at in the black vastness that is the ocean.

Fish Pot has managed to add one ingredient that seems too rare in Barbados: excellent presentation. The Tuna Tartare came as a surprise when we saw how they worked the seaweed salad and wasabi mayonnaise on the plate and it was nothing of refreshing. We followed on with their (grilled) catch of the day and they spared no effort working towards perfection. Such a pleasant revelation.

We couldn’t detect much of a pattern in the wine list so it felt a little improvised but there is definitely something for everyone on it and if you ask they will give you great advice.


 Little Good Harbour, Sherman’s
Reservations: +1(246)439-3000
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