Dolce Gelato

Dolce Gelato Barbados

So you’ve had ice-cream? What about gelato? All of those Sunday evening in Quayside are cute but gelato is gelato and can’t be faked. It’s ice-cream but even more ice-creamy. Much more ice-creamy. If you can have an ice-cream that’s bluer than a smurf you’ve got to ask yourself what you’re eating. Whatever that blue stuff is, it isn’t is what they eat in Italy.

Enter Dolce Gelato. It’s as close as we’re going to get. If you ever had ice-cream atMama Mia’s and thought “Oooh this is fancy” you were having Dolce. It’s softer, creamier, thicker, richer and much harder to make. The one thing they got right? They didn’t turn pretentious. Their flavours are brilliant and walk the line of clever without being weird and we love that. Anything with coconut in it is awesome and if you want something with a touch of alcohol give their Tiramisu a chance. It’s so good.

What’s frustrating is that it’s stuck in the Sheraton Centre. What’s even more frustrating is that no one knows it exists. Whilst everyone queues up for cinnamon donuts and Burger King, the one serious magic in that food hall remains ignored. What we need is a Dolce near a beach and then a few more scattered around the island. Whenever you’re ready Mr and Mrs Dolce.


 Sheraton Centre, Wildey