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Crossfit Islandfit Barbados

You know when you’re with friends and they’re trying something for the first time and they just do it really easily even though everyone else is having a hard time? CrossfFit makes you that person. Fact.

Frankly, I’ve hated that person my whole life and I’ve been surrounded by them for as long as I can remember. After a few months of CrossFit, though, I was healthier than I had ever been and my mind was sharper and more connected to my body than I ever thought possible. Sports like jogging make you switch off from your work-day and if you think about it you’ve spent that whole day using your mind but not your body… and then you spend the evening using your body but not your mind! What’s that all about?! Enter IslandFit.

IslandFit works you for technique before anything and you’ll find yourself doing more pull-ups than you’ve ever done, more push-ups and suddenly you’ll realise that you’re doing Olympic lifting! That’s when you realise that your mind and your body are working in tandem and that you’ve never been more alive. It’s CrossFit Barbados style!

The gender ratio is a surprising 50:50 and the coaches will always train you to use your entire body’s range of motion. Forget bicep-curls, this is about making all of your muscle-groups work together. You’re only competing against yourself and no one at IslandFit imposes that peer-pressure that invariably leads to injuries. The atmosphere is amazing when everyone gets together to cheer you on because the only thing they’re interested in is your own personal growth and you will feel it.


Wilbar Centre, Wildey, St Michael
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