Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach Barbados

On the South Coast you will find a mixture of wavy beaches and placid beaches. Brownes beach is one of the least wavy spots with a regular turn of locals – in fact more locals than any other beach. Come on the weekend and you will be privy to a gospel choir opening all the pipes or even most evenings when it gets cooler and everyone comes after work to play beach-racket-ball… That wooden-palette-and-squidgy-ball game for beaches. We’re all familiar with it but how many times have you played a confusingly long rally whilst 25-feet apart with a ball that is travelling so fast no one can see it? That’s how they play. They’ve managed to make this childhood-nightmare sport look good.

The water is limpid and cleaner than most swimming pools with an emphasis on no rocks anywhere. The breeze is excellent and the food is unique. There’s a white trailer close to the road where they serve some of the best fishcakes on the island. Without exaggeration. If you have tasted a fish-cutter at Cuz than you should try the one here. It’s grilled (instead of fried) and there’s a mix of God-only-knows that the fish was marinated in and no one else does it like that. Across the road you will also find a red rum shop. As you walk in there is the tiniest hole in the wall where you can order a fish-cutter and they do a pretty mean one too. Make sure you ask for everything in it!

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