Brighton Farmer’s Market

Brighton Farmer's Market Barbados

Saturday mornings are filled with apathy and a sprinkle of hangover. If you’re up for canoodling with the ex-pats and giving your kids other kids to play with then get in your car and drive in-land. It opens around 6.30am and closes by 10am so it’s definitely a morning affair but you’ll be greeted with breakfast and cakes… and coffee. The coffee isn’t great but everyone is drinking it so get involved and act cool about it. You’ll find local vegetables, eggs and fruit with a selection of pastries and, around the back, little stalls where people are redefining breakfast and selling arts and crafts. It’s a great reason to get out of bed early and the socialising is awesome. We would go so far as to say that going to Brighton Farmer’s Market is an entirely social thing.

The atmosphere is completely uplifting and a morning like this reminds you why you love this rock so much. Hola Weekend.


Brighton, St George
Contact: +1(246)262-1901
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