Bodie’s School of Surf

Bodie's School of Surf Barbados

So you want to surf Barbados? If you ask any good surfer where you can learn they’ll point you to Bodie. He’s the guy everyone on this island loves and he’s gained the unbridled respect of many. Having grown up on the South Coast, a stone’s throw away from the Surfer’s Cafe (before it even existed), Bodie was that kid who was out windsurfing at the age of 6-years old and wouldn’t be home until his fingers, pruned by the sea, were numb. Yes, he’s an Aqua-Mowgli.

If there’s one thing Bodies has that others don’t it’s his ability to teach kids too. When he picks you up you step inside his Scooby-Doo van (where the door only closes if the window is up?!) and he bumbles down the coast with a yard-sale of boards on the roof before pulling over and getting down to teaching! He starts on land and gets everyone to go through the motions to create that muscle-memory that springs you into action when you’re on the water. It works too! He knows how to keep kids connected and interested and if you can do that without an iPad you must be a demi-god. Fact. Not a lot of people understand the children connection but Bodie gets it perfectly and it’s incredibly commendable.

For the rest of the day he’ll be in the water propelling you on each wave shouting “Paddle paddle paddle! Get up! Get up! Look up! Look up! Look at the beach! Look at the beach!”. Of course you won’t hear a thing because you’re too busy concentrating on smiling at the GoPro which, incidentally, is on the board’s nose. Looking up is hard when you’re smiling down!

He’ll send you all your photos and the videos too so you can post them to your Facebook and revel in your new-found glory.


Bodie’s School of Surf
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