Blakey's Barbados

Blakey’s encapsulates the feeling of South Coast Barbados. That mix of everything at the same time in its own space. There’s the indoors bit, there’s the large terrace, there’s a good menu of international dishes and some pretty specialist-Bajan too. The drinks are good, the TVs at the bar are always playing sports and yet no matter where you sit and what you do you don’t feel as though there’s anything else.

Try the Pepperpot because you can. It’s a stew that cooks over weeks in which all the extra cuts of meat (pork and beef at the same) and their bones break down in a traditional cassava preservative. So if you ever think you’ll be hopping over to someone’s house for one you’re probably misguided. When you find one, try one; they’ve been working on it for a while.

Apart from that the pizzas are good and the drinks are good but be prepared to wait for practically anything you order because the truth is that it’s big and a lot is going on. Always check their Facebook because something is on almost every night.


Hastings Main Road, Christchurch
Reservations: +1(246)228-5284
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