Barbados Cruising Club

Barbados Cruising Club

Possibly the best place to spend your beach day, just make sure you get there on the right day. Normally the in-house Dipper’s Bar only opens from about 4pm on a Wednesday and stays open until Sunday night, which means that Monday through 3.59 Wednesday you’ll find yourself looking up at the shutters remembering how you read this article. Their menu is great and the food is so well put together and it’s perfect for a beach. The mozzarella sticks are sinfully good and their wraps are better than you would expect.

The sand on Pebbles beach is excellent and the water is stunning. The pool-like quality of the water means that you can grab a paddle-board from Paddle Barbados (downstairs) and get to know one of the fastest growing board sports ever. I will add that they even do Paddle-Board Yoga. No lie.

Most Sunday evenings you will find an acoustic band play through the (stunning) sunsets so it might be an idea to bring one of their Dippers Rum Punches down to the sand and watch the sky go blue to red to black. The terrace they have is also stunning with its massive draping rope and candelabra to match.

Wednesdays is when the infamous Terry hosts his weekly pub quiz. Get in early for registration and order that food before the kitchens get swamped.

As a tip, the Cruising Club offers day membership of 25 BDS which allows sun beds and free sail-boat or kayak rental… but for 200 BDS you get the entire year’s membership. You’re welcome!


Pebbles Beach, Hastings
Reservations:  +1(246)426-4434
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