Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave Barbados

Things at the Animal Flower Cave are changing at breakneck speed and it’s stunning. What was once a hole in the ground is now a growing attraction worth any island-crossing. If you haven’t been in a few years, go. If you haven’t been in 45 minutes, turn back because things have just changed again.

Today you pull up in the car park and walk your way round to the bar, the playground and the outdoor coffee tables. If you turn the other way you head straight to the cliffs. There is nothing in Barbados more breathtaking than the 15 foot waves crashing into the rock faces below your feet. A path follows the cliff edge with little wooden bridges and rails so you can see the majestic feat nature has provided from every possible angle. There are even freshly painted benches pretty much everywhere so the smartest thing you can do is sit back and let it sink in. Staring out to sea with the incredible winds scruffing up your hairstyle has to be one of the best feelings Barbados has to offer. And that’s not even the Animal Flower Cave yet!

What has stayed the same is the cave. It’s a staircase cut into the rock that leads down to a massive mouth-of-a-cave and you’re starting in the throat under that dangling thing that appears in most cartoons. Your first steps are towards the teeth and you can see out to sea as you step through fresh pools of seawater that were brought in by the ferocious waves. You can swim in some of the pools and it’s a very exciting feeling of freshness.

The guides are hit or miss so you could end up with a really enthusiastic guy, one day, or Captain Dragmyfeet the next but they will stay with you as long as you need so definitely bring your swim-wear and paddle around a little. Don’t forget what wondrous natural beauty surrounds you.


North Point, St Lucy
Reservations: +1(246)439-8797
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