Virgin’s Leadership Series: Episode 5/5

When Virgin Atlantic brought in Sir Richard Branson it was to challenge the status quo. Leadership is complex so it’s important to focus ourselves and prepare for action. How many of us have experience genuinely powerful leadership? Ask a different question… How many of us are faced with lukewarm to poor leadership every day? Right. So we definitely needed a step up and we needed to find ideas from all over.

The Panel

Andre Bello (Commercial Manager Caribbean for Virgin Atlantic
Gervase Warner (CEO of Massy Group)
Eudine Barriteau (Principal of UWI)
Juliet Skinner (Medical Director at The Barbados Fertility Centre)
Lisandra Rickards (Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Jamaica)

In Part 5 of our 5-part series, we close the event with a few final remarks.

Richard Branson’s stories highlighted his irreverence for authority which is so refreshing. We have so much respect for authority in the Caribbean that we suffocate our dreams and ambitions. Being able to (appropriately) challenge the status quo is what we need in companies and even in our families.

Dont’ take risks unnecessarily. There are times where Branson tried new and different things but they weren’t a blind gamble and they weren’t riddled with risk.

Business needs a face. When it has a face there is an onus to continue its development which makes you a better leader by default. Personalising that leadership style creates a brand in itself but also promotes your own development. This brings back your authenticity and vibrancy.

We should make sure that we bring our whole selves to the table in business – not just the role that you play at work. No person can run any company on their own and it’s always a team of people with a vision that can, like Virgin, be better for life and the Earth.

Taking this conversation forward is a big part of this series. All of the videos can be watched again and we encourage you to do so. As the Virgin Centre for Entrepreneurship releases media we will too and we encourage you to engage with us. Six months from now we should be able to look back at today and see that the lessons we have learned have contributed towards our every day.

It’s important to continuously remind ourselves of these lessons so write them down and keep them fresh.

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