Virgin’s Leadership Series: Episode 1/5

When Virgin Atlantic brought in Sir Richard Branson it was to challenge the status quo. Leadership is complex so it’s important to focus ourselves and prepare for action. How many of us have experience genuinely powerful leadership? Ask a different question… How many of us are faced with lukewarm to poor leadership every day? Right. So we definitely needed a step up and we needed to find ideas from all over.

Over five videos guests share their insights into the different factors of leadership that they have come to experience first hand.

Scott Hilton-Clarke from CEO Inspiration Labs opened with the idea that there are 30,000 books about leadership in the world but not enough of that endless knowledge hasade it into our lives. Like trying to lose weight… We all know what it takes to lose weight and there’s no lack of information at our fingertips… But we still manage to fail. Hilton-Clarke broke leadership down into five parts.


1. Inspiration

You can’t talk about leadership without talk about inspiration because great leaders have to be inspiring and it’s by being inspiring that a leader can give purpose.

2. Self Management

You can’t possibly be in a position to manage others if you can’t manage yourself first. But once you do and once you can, you can create strong relationships with those you work with.

3. Development

Constantly developing yourself and your team spurs competence and without a competent team what have you got left? The age-old adage of the financial director telling the CEO that it would be a huge waste of money to spend all of that money on training programmes for the employees… What if we trained them and then they leave? To which the CEO replies… What if we don’t train them and they stay?

4. Setting Targets and Tracking Performance

By setting targets you are giving your team direction and clarifying expectations. By tracking performance you are able to measure their work and, more importantly, so will they. Continued targets and tracking lead to real results that can be followed and developed.

5. Encourage Ideas & Innovation

We have all seen situations where a manager has stopped someone from being too creative in the fear of making them look bad. But on the contrary, by encouraging that mindset and being the person that drove the team to a better place you are securing your future in the company more than ever.

A lot of managers thing we can achieve these outcomes without the five critical elements… But that simply doesn’t add-up.

Virgin Atlantic have created a website with more informational tools, tutorials and videos. They have a list of people that they email every time they publish new leadership information. Go to¬† and register for yourself. It’s perfect.

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