Naru Barbados
Food & Drink


Ever since the boardwalk was built, the best thing any restaurateur could do was open up a terrace right on the edge. There is little more pleasant than watching the famous south-coast sunsets as runners […]

Mojo's Barbados
Food & Drink


Mojo’s want you to know that it’s a bar that serves good food all day long and without interruption. It’s definitely a bar and that limbo of waiting for your table is perfect at Mojo’s because the bar […]

Buzo Barbados
Food & Drink


The south coast’s freshest gossip is the opening of a new Italian and there’s no lack of talk. Aesthetically it’s modern and colourfully minimalist. Throughout the month of October the restaurant was lit in pink […]

Lancaster Great House Barbados
Food & Drink

Lancaster Great House

Make no mistake, visiting Lancaster Great House is walking into a home that has been opened up to the public so expect nothing short of a personal welcome. John Chandler and his wife Rain moved from their former […]

Fish Pot Barbados
Food & Drink

Fish Pot

Posted a little further up the coast than most venture is this little treasure. Belonging to Little Good Port hotel, Fishpot is a restaurant that seems to have declared its independence and woo’d in its own crowd not […]

Food & Drink

Isle and Dine

AirBnB doesn’t own any apartments but offers rooms to stay around the world and is valued at $25.5 billion (USD). Uber doesn’t own any cars but operates a network of drivers in cities around the […]

Apsara Samudra Barbados
Food & Drink

Apsara Samudra

There are only a couple of places in Barbados where you can find some really good Indian food and they seem to be at polar ends of this rock. So if you find yourself closer […]

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