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Agrofest 2017

Other than Christmas day, this is probably the only other time that Queens Park is this packed. Agrofest is an exhibition put on by the Barbados Agricultural Society and The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural […]

Shorty's Ice Cream

Shorty’s Ice Cream

There is always something special to be said about home-made ice cream and Shorty’s is such a long-going venture that it’s now an institution. A lot of us have grown up on Shorty’s and it really hits the spot even as adults. […]

ArtSplash Barbados Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Has Arrived

ArtSplash regularly shape and reshape everything that they do and starting this Sunday they are kicking off the Sunday Brunch we always wanted. Billy is bringing in a jazz band to play from 10-1 so those eggs and avocado on […]