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What We’re Doing This Week

Looks like the season is already beginning to warm up again. Most businesses are finishing up their annual refurbs and setting their eyes on a new chapter. This week we’re mixing business and pleasure but […]

Barbados Hash House Harriers
Things To Do

Hash House Harriers

Every Saturday and Bank Holiday The Hash House Harriers is a self-proclaimed drinking club with a running problem… And frankly if we were to ever agree to any nonsense that people self-proclaim themselves to be, […]

Barbados Wax Museum
Things To Do

Barbados Wax Museum

It’s amazing. Go. Social media lit up the sky as Rihanna’s wax model went out on Facebook. It was shared over 1,100 times and more than 700 people lay down their wisdom on wax figures. […]

Things To Do

BADASS’n: Diving Deeper into Diving

The Barbados Divers Association is a group of divers that decided that diving wasn’t badass enough. BADASS’n is what they do. It’s open to anyone… who signs up to be a member. When you go […]


VegCo – The Farm with a Store

The tomatoes are awesome, the onions are the best we’ve had, the watermelons actually taste of watermelon, the melons make your melons look malnourished, their sweet peppers are sweet, their lettuce is fresh and the list […]

The Gap

Cove Nightclub

It used to be the Reggae Lounge and today it’s called Cove. The essence hasn’t changed that much and the following is as strong as ever. If you have history here you know that it’s […]

Barbados Country Fair
Things To Do

Barbados Country Fair

Support Local and spread the love! Farmer’s markets are becoming a thing all over the world. This rock is, by no means, an exception. We have Brighton’s, Hastings, Holders, Graeme Hall and a bunch of […]

Barbados National Hike
Things To Do

Barbados National Trust Hike Programme

Most people plan to get into the best shape of their life for their new year’s resolutions. There is good news in 2017. From January, you can join the Hike Barbados Programme every single Sunday […]

Bar Z557
Rum Shops

Bar 557

How many potholes does it take to force a taxi driver to open a rumshop? Well maybe it’s a coincidence but just as our roads look more like an acne-riddled-teenage face there has been the […]

Globe Drive-in Barbados
Things To Do

The Globe Drive-In

Going to the Globe Drive-In is like stepping back in time. Not much has changed from its original setup in the early 90s with Whitney music playing before the movies. It just adds to the […]

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