Barbados Wax Museum

Barbados Wax Museum

It’s amazing. Go. Social media lit up the sky as Rihanna’s wax model went out on Facebook. It was shared over 1,100 times and more than 700 people lay down their wisdom on wax figures. That part alone is hilarious. The more you read the more you will want to see it for yourself. So we did. It was the best day out. Ever.

All 707 comments were pretty accurate and the more we looked at Rihanna the harder it was to breathe between laughs. So glad we went. But that’s not everything!

Some of them are completely amazing! Obviously the good and the great never get mentioned on Facebook unless it’s a video of how ducks were helped across the road but prepare to be impressed.

The Mighty Gabby stood out as the most incredible piece there. You just stare at him hoping to see him blink but it’s not long before owner, creator and guide Arthur Edwards reminds you that there are more to see. Arthur and his partner Frances Ross have spent the last ten years making these wax figures behind closed doors.

LL Cool J’s beard for instance took her an entire week because Frances had to needle the hairs in one by one… No lace front wigs in sight, that’s for sure.

Allison Hinds provided a full outfit for her figure (bra included!) and Bob Marley is walking around with an electric guitar around his neck. What’s not to love?!

In addition to all of this, there are also flat screens scattered around the museum to tie everything in. Some of the poses were quite… Special… But Arthur was sure to point to the screens to explain the back story.

We will say that the photos don’t do the wax figures much justice and you really have to see them for yourself.

Some of them are definitely hilarious but there really are some that genuinely capture the essence of the person. In their ten years they have made 32 figures between the two of them and people are comparing them to Madame Tussauds… If that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is.

Caribbean Wax Museum, Oistins
Contact: +1(246)268-1760
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Roger Walker: Blue Designer Dress $3000, Jimmy Choo Sandals $400, Grammy Replica $150, the look on Ri Ri’s face when she sees this and goes ballistic…..PRICELESS lol
Gordon Moseley: them bajans need to stick to frying fly fish
Anthony Davis: My mother taught me if u have nothing good to say ………………
Matthew Greenidge: That looks more like Rihanna than Rihanna looks like Rihanna
Charmaine JD: The shoes are similar lol that’s me taking the high road ( is she melting? )
Nicole Nicholson: Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo im dyinggggg this can’t be true
Marquis Knight-Jacks: I GOTTA be nice. The person tried his/her hardest pun dis masterpiece. I give it a -2.5! That’s the highest I’m going.
Semona Barlow: Why you guys have to be so negative. Someone poured their heart out making this probably for free. Come on now. At least give them credit for trying. Obviously it looks nothing like her but I’ll give that person credit for trying. Support our people please. West Indian on a whole is always negative about something. Big up to the person who tried!!
DeeDee Ruhomon-Brand: The forehead is very life like….
Kimelle Jemmott: Barbados has a wax museum?? Tf?!
Stacey Crawford: Congratulations
Mrsodessa Patoir: The knees match lmao
Valarie A Springer: Who DE rasshole do this thou
Juno Sobers: Um why it look like it melting?
Yolanda Black Honey Jones: That looks like destra, not rhi rhi
Precious Butcher: 3 ….. it look more like a younger Oprah
Michelle J: I’m just here for the comments
Candice Sooknanan: haters will say it’s photoshop.